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About Us

Denning Manufacturing was established in 2003. The company was set up by a group of dynamic and highly successful businessmen using the now defunct AB Denning premises.

Since its establishment, the company has been organically financed and grown with a vast investment into Research and Development, staffing, quality control, technology and tools.

The company has invested heavily into the successful implementation of a new and powerful software package to manage production and assist with purchasing and warehouse management. As a result of this, our productivity has increased and we have been able to reduce our overheads which has resulted in us passing the cost savings on to our customers.

Whilst continuing to support the existing customers of AB Denning, the business is fundamentally different in its products, services and management team. Denning Manufacturing has a new range of unique products that it has created to fill a gap in the Australian coach and bus industry. The market demand for these products and services is very strong with a year-on-year growth.

Board of Directors

The board of directors are actively and keenly involved in the business.

Chris & Bob Roberts - Directors

Chris and Bob have over 30 years experience in enterprenual businesses, specifically in the hospitality and property industries. Being founder members of The Grape, which was later sold for substantial profit, they have established themselves as leading businessmen in the South East Queensland area. Bob has extensive experience in co-ordinating, marketing and managing projects and will continue to assist the Denning Management Team in these areas. Chris has strong financial and accounting experience which ensure the business continues to grow financially.

Mike O'Brien - Director

Mike's family business, O'Brien Cabinets, is a large and successful canbinetmaking and shopfitting business. Mike has a wide technical and practical knowledge and has been heavily involved in the reaseach and development of Denning products.

The Denning Management Team

Michael Dempsey - General Manager

The company is headed by Michael Dempsey, an experienced production manager with over 20 years experience in the bus and coach industry.

Rob Gittins - Head Engineer

Rob is one of the few engineers in Australia with advanced skills and experience in the design and construction of two and three axle bus and coach chassis.



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